The Faded Lands Player Races

Player Races

The Faded Lands campaign places a heavy measure of importance on race relations. Will the characters who come from varying races, some of which won’t like each other, get along, will they survive the challenges ahead of them? The Faded Lands contains all 8 player races listed in the 4th edition players handbook plus 4 additional races:
(The Redeemed) Drow – (Clanless) GoblinShifterWarforged

Dragonborn are proud, honor-bound draconic humanoids. They wander the world as mercenaries and adventurers. They are strong and possess dragonlike abilities.

Drow like their kin, the elves, drow were once creatures of the Feywild. However, they followed Lolth down into the Underdark of the world. Over the ages however some Drow forsook the evil worship of Lolth and returned to the surface, calling themselves “the redeemed” these drow attempt to live peacefully with the other races despite their evil heritage.

Dwarf – Legendary for their toughness and strong will, these hearty folk are indomitable warriors and master artisans. Clans of dwarf crafters can be found in most towns or cities.

Eladrin are a graceful, magical race born of the Feywild, the realm of Faerie. They love arcane magic, swordplay, and exquisite work in metal and stone. They live in hidden cities on the borders of the Feywild.

Elf – A distant kin to the Eladrin, elves dwell in the deep forests of the world and love the beauty of nature. Many elves (and some eladrin, too) live in wandering companies that roam the lands, staying a short while in any one spot.

Goblin clans of the wilds are known to be wicked, treacherous creatures that love plunder and cruelty. Some goblins however choose to try to integrate into the higher society. Finding employ as sneaks, merchants, informers, and any other work they can get, clanless goblins often skulk through the dregs of a civilization, barely recognized by the other races.

Half elf characters are different then the standard 4th ed definition of the race. Half Elves in the Faded Lands campaign are a race unto themselves, distinct from both humans and elves. Genetically bred to be diplomats, courtesans, and skilled laborers, they share the best of Elves and Humans while being completely separate from both.

Hafling tribes are a plucky, quick, and likable people. Halflings gather in small clans in the marshes and along the rivers of the world, traveling and trading widely with the other races.

Human beings are somewhat more numerous than other races, and Malkin City, which is run by them, is among the brightest spots in a dark world.

Shifter people are descended from magical experiments which blended the various qualities of Humans and Lycanthropes. Shifters resemble humans with animalistic features. Some are ruthless brigands and wild brawlers, while others are heroes.

Teifling, these people are a race descended from ancient humans who bargained with infernal powers. Tieflings are loners who live in the shadows of human society, relying only on trusted allies.

Warforged are a race of magical constructs built for war and gifted with sentience. They struggle with their place in the world, knowing their creation was more artificial then any of the other races, even the created demi humans.

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The Faded Lands Player Races

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