How to create a Faded Lands character

Creating your character

Character generation is similar to the outline described on page 14 of the players handbook, follow this link Character Generation Guidelines for specifics.

In this campaign NO EVIL PLAYER CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED. All player characters must be Lawful Good, Good, or Unaligned. In addition to this, I would prefer that each player choose a character of a differing race. Ability stat generation method is given below the outline. (note any page / chapter numbers listed refer to the players handbook)

Also, PLEASE note that at some point I would like this questionnaire filled out by any new player to the campaign. Also should you make a new character for the game (IE your first one dies, heh) please re-visit the questionnaire and if needed make any changes.

New Character Questionnaire Character Generation Guidelines

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How to create a Faded Lands character

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