The Faded Lands [4E]

The preliminary meeting

Or how our group starts

Sunday at 7 pm our players all met each other for the first time. We discussed 4th edition since most were 3/3.5 players, and one had never played D&D at all before. We went over the different roles and classes and races were picked.

It’s looking like the following combination to start:
Elf Cleric
Eladrin Rogue
Dragonborn Fighter
Shifter (razorclaw) Wizard
and the only player who had played 4th hadn’t yet picked what he wanted to play.

Stay tuned, updates to follow!


Half-Elf Paladin or Warlock!

...I feel so indecisive.

The preliminary meeting

hmm… I’d say, half-elf.

The preliminary meeting

Warlock-Tank it is. I am trying to turn a striker into a defender/Striker. If it fails, I can switch it up. Its pretty solid gamble. I will rely on hit points as my only true defense, as compared to AC and hitpoints, or hitpoint and healing.

If it fails, I can play out-of-the-book sneaky warlock that can dish out ridic damage.

The preliminary meeting

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