The Faded Lands [4E]

Change to FYIA tokens

What should we do with FYIA tokens

I’ll come straight with this…

I wasn’t happy with the implementation of FYIA tokens last semester. I think what I would like to do is lessen the impact they have on the game. However my method of doing that I haven’t decided on. The two ways I’ve been thinking about doing that are these”

Choice 1: Remove permanant tokens. Everyone gets 1 temporary at the begining of each session, and can potentially earn more during each game by doing something… “pulpy” like jumping through a window, etc.

Choice 2: reduce the effects of them. I was thinking of just making them less powerful. Something along the lines of “using one can add 1d6 to any d20 roll you make.”

We will discuss this at our first session this semester (this coming sunday).



I kind of agree with both choices. I think if we get rid of the perminent ones that would make the game more about our own strategies and less about trying to gain more tolkens to help us later on.

Change to FYIA tokens

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