The Faded Lands [4E]

Change to FYIA tokens
What should we do with FYIA tokens

I’ll come straight with this…

I wasn’t happy with the implementation of FYIA tokens last semester. I think what I would like to do is lessen the impact they have on the game. However my method of doing that I haven’t decided on. The two ways I’ve been thinking about doing that are these”

Choice 1: Remove permanant tokens. Everyone gets 1 temporary at the begining of each session, and can potentially earn more during each game by doing something… “pulpy” like jumping through a window, etc.

Choice 2: reduce the effects of them. I was thinking of just making them less powerful. Something along the lines of “using one can add 1d6 to any d20 roll you make.”

We will discuss this at our first session this semester (this coming sunday).


FYIA Tokens awarded

The FYIA tokens have been awarded. If you don’t like your amount there is still time before the first session to earn some more…. If you haven’t posted your char on this site, do it! Go to Will’s session on sunday for an easy token AND to make sure your character is ready.

Also, for budding artists, there is the possiblitiy that you might be able to TRADE custom artwork for another players tokens, If they agree of course. I might even give out one or two ad-hoc bankable tokens before our first session.

Check this wiki page for more details;

Earned Tokens



game postponed one week

The original date for the game was going to be this coming Sunday, the 5th. However due to two factors I will have to push the game date back by one week.

1st – “Ook” and “stairwell” have not yet uploaded character back stories. While we could play without them, I really would rather know them, especially since I asked for them over a week ago.

2nd – I have a friend coming up to stay with me this coming weekend and I don’t know what time he’s planning on leaving on Sunday.

I wrote everyone an email basically saying this same thing. Stay tuned however their might be a slight change of plans of some sort.


What could this mean?

Oh my, what could this image possibly mean? Could it mean that perhaps the first FYIA chip has been awarded? Or maybe it just means I was bored and have photoshop.


The preliminary meeting
Or how our group starts

Sunday at 7 pm our players all met each other for the first time. We discussed 4th edition since most were 3/3.5 players, and one had never played D&D at all before. We went over the different roles and classes and races were picked.

It’s looking like the following combination to start:
Elf Cleric
Eladrin Rogue
Dragonborn Fighter
Shifter (razorclaw) Wizard
and the only player who had played 4th hadn’t yet picked what he wanted to play.

Stay tuned, updates to follow!


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